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The speed of new communication trends and technologies spreading across globe we’re facing today is hugely impressive. Big data is being generated around us via every digital process, social media exchange and mobile transmission. There is no doubt that the big data era has created many new opportunities for businesses, but it isn’t necessarily a magic bullet to the challenges businesses face in understanding their customers.

Big data is only useful to marketers if used in a smart way, so how can you turn big data into smart data?
And how can you ensure that you profit from insights it can deliver?

In the 1st part of presentation, we’ll redefine ‘Big Data’, explain why quantity ≠quality, and also illustrate how weintelligently integrate big data from various sources (e.g. social media, mobile and internet metering data, etc.) with consumer reference data (e.g. Panel data, survey data, etc.) to create smart data.

In the 2nd part of presentation, two cases will be introduced, including how to create and use smart data via two methodologies. In the first case, we’ll talk about using smart data (big data source from social media channels) to understand the true impact of social media on brand imagery. In another case, we’ll explain how to use smart data (big data source from behavioural internet traffic data across websites via tracking software installed on the users’ devices) toallocate marketing resources on and offline to maximize impact on sales.











  • Bjoern Kroog (Regional Director, Integrated Market Intelligence at APAC,GFK Group)

    Bjoern Kroog

    Regional Director, Integrated Market Intelligence at APAC,GFK Group

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  • Norbert  Wirth (Global Head of Data and Sciences at GFK Group)

    Norbert Wirth

    Global Head of Data and Sciences at GFK Group

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