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Corporate Governence in China

In the past few years, compliance has been a hot topic. The Chinese government has mainly targeted officials (tigers and flies), but plenty of international companies have been investigated as well during the years. R&P China Lawyers has supported businesses not only to identify and deal with high risk areas, but also to investigate non-compliance and support clients on responding to government investigations. In this presentation, we will share some of the most important areas of non-compliance that foreign businesses are commonly exposed to, and provide tips on how to respond when Chinese authorities come knocking at your door. Other items covered include:

  • Understanding the risks of non-compliance in China
  • Key areas of business risk
  • Commercial bribery and how to avoid it
  • Strategies for dealing with Chinese officials and authorities

Business Continuity Trends

Business Continuity and Organizational Resiliency are often misunderstood. They are often viewed as “Insurance”, “Information Technology Department’s Problem”, “Only for Catastrophes”, or “The Big Code Red Binder on the Shelf”, amongst other misperceptions. They are also viewed as highly complex and technical, with jargon and acronyms that only practitioners understand. Practitioners and consultants often contribute to this misunderstanding with over-complication and ‘scary-speak’.

This business-based discussion aims to explain these technical concepts in Plain English with examples and audience participation. Armed with this information, Risk Managers can have meaningful discussions with their peers and leadership based on business value. Risk Managers can also have meaningful discussions with practitioners and vendors or consultants to understand the concepts without falling victim to over-complication or inappropriate selling of solutions.



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Corporate Governance in China


45 mins

Business Continuity Trends



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