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Industrial Automation, Industry 4.0 or Made in China 2025 are catchwords that we have started to hear on a daily basis as China strives to upgrade its manufacturing sector. But what does that mean for Western and Chinese manufacturing companies here in the Mainland? It is increasingly difficult to find professionals who have a strong understanding of automation in electronics and mechanics, as this is a fairly young industry in China. At the same time, the development of this industry needs to move forward quickly to meet the demands of senior professionals with several yearsof experience to handle these tasks. Miriam Wickertsheim, Director of Direct HR, will give an overview of the current talent availability and their locations in China, as well as their experience and background.

Talent identification and acquisition is challenging, especially in China’s evolving work force. Equally as challenging is retaining the current staff, especially in an environment where young employees change companies often. This changeability of staff leaves employers wondering what can be done to maintain their current workforce, and how to make that workforce more engaged in the company. Bethany Jeanfreau, Management Consultant of Campanile Management Consulting, will discuss measures that employers can take to retain the staff currently employed and help that staff to become more engaged in their daily work.

Companies have potential risks in brain drain; losing key employees creates a real threat to companies stability. To counteract that many employers use strategies such as retention bonus and other incentives in accordance with Labor Law of the People's Republic of China. Despite their best efforts, employee turnover occurs and it is the companies' job to reduce risk for themselves.Protecting trade secrets is key:confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation and other clauses should all be considered when employing staff. Wang Ying, Partner of Bird and Bird, will focus on the retention of employees and the protection of commercial secrets at the termination of the employment contract.

Attend this seminar to gain insight on Industry 4.0 and learn strategies for retaining your workforce while reducing corporate risk.



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Recruitment and Retention Challenges | Industry 4.0, China 2025


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Retaining Employees By Campanile Management Consul4ng


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Overcoming Recruitment and Retention Challenges



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