Training Session: Managing Your Sales Meetings

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Meeting Room, 7/F, Shanghai Center West Tower
Shanghai, China
내일(13:00 - 17:00)
Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing West Road,
West Tower, Meeting Room II, Office 710, Jing’an, Shanghai

Saimen Presents: The 12th Annual Maple Leaf Ball

Autumn Harvest

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Grand Ballroom, 1st Floor, Hyatt on the Bund
Shanghai, China
2019/9/21(17:45 - 23:55)
199 Huangpu Road,Shanghai

Baidu Intelligent: AI Enables Infinite Possibilities

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2019/9/24(13:30 - 15:40)
15F,NO1018 Changning Rd zhongshan Park,shanghai

Autumn Interchamber Mixer

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eat n work, 9th Floor, Super Brand Mall
Shanghai, China
2019/9/25(18:30 - 21:30)
No. 168 West Lujiazui Rd.
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai is the leading independent non-profit business organization supporting Canadian business and community interests in East China. It was founded in 1996 by a group of locally-based Canadian companies and entrepreneurs with the support of the Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai, and was officially inaugurated in name in June 2008. For more information, visit