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It has been said the 2018 is the year that blockchain will establish itself as the fastest-growing digital technology since the evolution of the internet: that it is going to change the way we transact and manage assets, from everyday purchases to major financial decisions, and that it may well be the future of finance.

Having said that, the applications for blockchain technology extend well beyond digital money. It will probably also change the way you prove your identity, do your shopping, rent a car, apply for a job or enter university. Along the way, the shared ledger may force traditional institutions, like banks, corporations, universities, stock exchanges, and more, to change the way they operate.

In fact, it is predicted that blockchain has the potential to transform entire industries, not just banking and finance, but publishing, real-estate, healthcare, supply-chain management, cloud storage, advertising and insurance, to name but a few. Join us on 8 May as we discuss the current and future applications of blockchain in business and industry.

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